This manual contains the documentation for DCIP octree package releases beginning on 2020-05-08. This version of the package is compatible with GIFtools v2.31 and later. If using an earlier version of GIFtools, please see the 2014-10 release manual .

3. Elements of the DCIP octree package

This section provides a brief description of each program in the DCIP octree package. In addition, we describe the file formats for all input and supporting files used by the coding library.

3.1. Executables

The main executable programs within the DCIP octree program library are:

  • create_octree_mesh_dcip: creates an OcTree mesh based on the survey geometry

  • dcipoctree_fwd: used to forward model both DC and IP data

  • surface_electrodes: projects electrodes in air cells to discrete surface topography

  • dcsensitivity: approximates the sensitivities for the DC or IP problem

  • sens2weights: creates sensitivity weights from sensitivities

  • dcoctree_inv: inverts DC data to recover a conductivity model

  • ipoctree_inv: inverts IP data to recover a chargeabitiliy model

The following Octree utility programs may also be helpful:

  • blk3cellOct: creates conductivity models on an OcTree mesh

  • create_weight_file: creates the weighting on each cell in the model

  • interface_weights: creates weights on the faces of cells

3.2. Main Input Files

Here, we describe the main input files for executables contained with the DCIP octree coding package.

3.3. Supporting Files

Here, we describe the formats of supporting files used to run DCIP octree executable files. The input files for each executable program are described in the running the programs section.