4.1.6. DC Inversion

The program dcoctree_inv.exe performs the 3D inversion of DC resistivity data on octree meshes. Running the Program

To run the executable, open a command window and type the following:


Essentially you are calling the path to the executable followed by the path to the input file . Setting Number of Threads with Open MPI

Before running the executable, the number of threads used to carry out all simultaneous processes can be set with Open MPI. This is set in the command window before running the executable. To set the number of threads (nThreads ), use the following syntax:

  • Windows computer: “set OMP_NUM_THREADS=nThreads”

  • Linux (bash shell): “export OMP_NUM_THREADS=nThreads”

  • Linux (csh shell): “setenv OMP_NUM_THREADS nThreads” Units

Things about units Output Files

The program dcoctree_inv.exe creates the following output files:

  • model0.con: the starting model

  • dpred0.txt data predicted using the starting model

  • inv_xx.con: recovered model at iteration ‘xx’

  • dpred_xx.txt data predicted using model ‘xx’

  • inv.con: final conductivity model

  • dcoctree_inv.log: log file for the inversion

  • dcoctree_inv.out: stores details regarding the inversion